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Hi, My name is Kenneth and I'm a freelance animator and illustrator.


My name is Kenneth Figuerola Bosch and I’m a freelance animator and illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. I live in Bergen, Norway, and can work in house or remotely.


I’m honest, friendly, professional, and organized and I work well in a team, on my own and have a good eye for detail.


I have been involved with projects throughout all stages of production, providing me understanding and knowledge in; planning, designing, storyboarding, animation and more.


With this experience I feel comfortable in any stage of production, trying to contribute with my own ideas and especially learning from those who know more than me.



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"Bosch is enthusiastic and interested in his profession. He is highly skilled, he absorbs and learns new things and keeps updated with software and new solutions in his field. Bosch is a social and friendly person who enjoys being with others and works well in a job situation where he is a part of the team." Frank Mosvold, KOOL Produktion AS


"Kenneth is a hard-working and reliable Flash animator who understands the production process well, is a good team-worker and he knows the importance of delivering on time." Søren Fleng, Fleng Entertainment


"Kenneth worked for us performing various tasks in the field of animation as: making storyboards, inbetweening, Layouts,  animation, etc.  as well as that his professional performance was very satisfactory." Sergi Càmara







2014-2015: Writer and Illustrator / Kenneth F. Bosch


I wrote and Illustrated my first children's book. It's an educational children book about Alzheimer's disease. The book had to be published in Easter 2015, but was canceled at the last moment. I'm still looking for a publisher. Drawn by hand, traced in Illustrator and colored in Photoshop.


2015: Flash Animator / Tom Petter Hansen


I animated some scenes for the pilot episode of 'Kaptein Chigalum og jakten på det gyldne sugerøret' by Tom Petter Hansen. All animated in Flash.


2012: Video editing and post-production / ForBio, Forskerskole i Biosystematikk


Editing and post-production of a promotional video for the Research School in Biosystematics, ForBio. I used Adobe Premiere.


2012: Scientific Illustration / Private


I drew some illustrations for a PhD and Master students at the University of Bergen. Marine and Molecular biology.


2011: Flash Animator / Kool Produktion AS


I worked as Character Animator in the 1st season of 'Elleville Elfrid' (Sunshine Kathy), an animated TV serie from Norway. The series was a terrific success. All animated in Flash.


2010: Flash Animator / Studio Camara


Creation, animation and content development for a digital encyclopedia aimed at children. I used Flash for this work.


2009-2010: Flash Animator / SAAK Digital


Creation, animation and content development for digital school courses for children. We created a large variety of animations for geography, science, mathematics, among others. All was created and animated in Flash.


2007-2010: Flash Animator, Designer / Studio Camara


I worked in a variety of jobs, among which the creation and development of banner campaigns and micro sites, an interactive science course an the production of two animated short films. Flash, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere were the programs I usually used for these jobs.


2008: Flash Animator / Sweatbox Productions


I animated some scenes for a TV series named 'Poppets Town'. All animated in Flash.


2008: Creative Designer / Ulises Interactive


Planeta deAgostini's online agency. I was a part of the creative team. We were focused in Online marketing, we created a large variety of banners campaigns and sites for online training courses. I usually used Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash.


2005-2008: Creative Designer / Ediciones Altaya


Ediciones Altaya, was a part of Editorial Planeta de Agostini, focused its business activity on the creation and production of collectible publishing works. My job was to create banner campaigns, websites and special banners (motion graphics) for its website that were not being limited to a maximum number of kilobytes, thanks to this I had a great freedom of creation that had its response in an increase of subscriptions. I worked with Photoshop, After Effects and Flash.


2001-2004: Inbetweener, Animator / Rodamina Animació S.L


I worked as an inbetweener, and later as animator, for a variety of animated TV series and films, among which: Mr. Bean (1st season), the Triplets, Timm Thaler and Piñatas. Traditional animation.


1999-2000: Inbetweener / Studio Camara


I worked as an inbetweener for a variety of animated TV series, among which: The Artoons, Little Grey Rabbit, Jack et Marcel,Babalá and Zepi & Zinia. Traditional animation.





2013: Storyboard Secrets / Sherm Cohen


Online masterclass with Disneys and SpongeBob Storyboard Artist Sherm Cohen. A complete course where I learned about Angles, staging, screen direction, continuity, camera moves and transitions among other stuff.


2011: Joe Murray online Masterclass / Joe Murray


Two online masterclasses with animation director Joe Murray, creator of the Nickelodeon animated series Rocko's Modern Life and the Cartoon Network animated series Camp Lazlo. These masterclasses included: Create, develop and design characters, design backgrounds, colour styling, write for animation, chemistry, longevity curves, create pitching material and series proposal among other stuff.


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